Renegade Bass Tournaments

Renegade Bass Tournaments Inc. is a family ran tournament that was acquired in 1992 as a small local tournament ran by Jim Downs. The VanMeter family agreed to finish up one year of tournaments for Mr. Downs. The tournament aspect set well with The VanMeter Family and in a few short years it grew into the Premier Tournament in the area.

The Renegade Bass Tournaments grew past the local lakes capacities resulting in the addition of more divisions to the tournaments, to help with the overcrowding of the local lakes.

As Renegade Bass Tournaments grew, so did sponsorships from national sponsors; such as Tracker Marine and Mercury Marine. In addition to many local sponsors.

With the lack of support from the local boat dealers, the idea of a boat dealership was born, resulting in Renegade Marine and Outdoor Center opening. Through customer loyalty and the Grace of God, Renegade Bass Tournaments has grown into a circuit, with 16 divisions covering multiple states, as well one of the largest boat dealerships in the area, all owned by The VanMeter Family.

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